This food photography expert gave us the task of creating a brand that worked well commercially but that also functioned on a sentimental level. Creating a brand for a food photographer

The Brief

Our brief was to create an authentic, classic looking brand that would elevate Rifkin and Livesey’s food photography and set it apart from their other work. We were able to develop the new brand after discussions with photographer Wayne Myers based around similar brands that he liked.

The Challenge

To develop a nostalgic yet modern brand.

It was so important to the client to hold on to the original identity of Rifkin & Livesey and yet create a brand that would stand up in today’s market.  We realised that we needed to combine modern graphics and technology with elements that evoked the nostalgia of Wayne Myer’s youth. 

We think we found the right balance and loved the challenge of developing this unique brand. 

The Results


Print – Brochure, Business cards

Client Feedback

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