Project Description

Barrow Electrical – Branding

Barrow Electrical was embarrassed with the old logo, it was previously pulled from Google images and had become a bit of an in-joke within the company when they handed out letterheads that they apologised for the quality. When Laurence finally came to me he just said two words… help me!

The challenge

The main thing that we found out from the research into Barrow Electrical was that even though in the 14 years they had been operating, they still had a massive family feeling at the heart of their company. We desperately wanted to keep the family feeling but also had to keep it in line with some other companies that are linked together. The Barrow B solved this, keeping in line with the other companies within the group, who all had initial logos but keeping the B-Arrow at the heart of it. They now have a symbol that is showing that they are constantly moving forward.

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