Project Description

Coffee branding - Pixelmate Designs

Caffèè Impresso- Branding

The guys over at Caffèè Impresso came to us with a simple brief, they wanted modern looking coffee branding that gave their cafe a friendly, inviting feel but also where people could come and conduct business meetings in the local area. The branding needed to fit onto a busy section of their city but stand out enough to invite people in the doors and look different to compete with the more recognised brands. with a prime corner location we where looking forward to getting our teeth into this brand.

The challenge

The biggest issue with the coffee shop branding was the lack of clarity with the brief, the guys over at Caffèè Impresso had never ran a coffee shop so didn’t know where they wanted to start. This is where our research and development comes into its own, We ask the right questions to get the answers that can help build a brand, we then presented the owners with 3 different style scapes. this meant they could see 3 different ways in which the coffee branding could look, These were not final options but different examples to show each direction the brand could look, from old and vintage to new and modern. Once a style was decided we pushed forward with some branding options, the final design was chosen then implimented onto all their branded products. This wasn’t the chosen option but it certainly was our favourite.

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