Project Description

Misha Wallis & Co – Branding and website

Misha Wallis & Co approached us at the end of 2019 to provide them with a new bespoke brand, that would help them to establish in a crowded marketplace where there is a lot of high and low-end competition. We sat down with their team and worked out their target market, and more importantly where they wanted to be in the future. From these conversations, we moved into the development stage armed with the knowledge needed to get the right results.

The challenge

The main challenge of this branding job was to give the feeling of established security from a recently founded firm. It all started with the name, Misha Wallis & Co’s original name didn’t match the target market they had set, medium to high-end. This caused a disconnect with the potential client and we stepped in to suggest to them a name change. Drastic to begin with but after consulting each other they agreed that our research pointed out that we were right. Once we decided on the name change, things quickly fell into place, using a tried and tested font with a bit of customisation and classic, yet bold colours of navy and gold soon the brand was taking shape… look below for the results.

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