Project Description

WRP Group – Branding and website

WRP Group reached out to us last year about rebranding their business from their old plumbing and heating brand. They had previously limited their growth by putting their city name into their branding meaning when they tried to branch out, they felt limited by their name. This and expected growth into new areas meant they were looking for something fresh with more of a group feel.

The challenge

The idea for the new brand was to give the directors options for expansion in the future. This means that they were no longer just targeting plumbing and heating clients but expanding into new markets like air conditioning, cooling, gas and more. This meant that their logo had to be adaptable over many sides of their business, but still recognisable as the same overall company. This is where their icon came into play, we designed it to have the core colours of each arm of the business but looks unique when they are all grouped.

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