A building contractor who deals with high-end eco-friendly homes needed to rebrand to appeal to their new clients

A company that builds million-pound homes needs to look like a million pounds. This was the issue that Almond Estates had when they came to us to rebrand their business. They had the right idea about how to market themselves on social media with great video content. However, their overall branding wasn’t aimed at their new market.

New logo for North West based property Developer

What happens when you change your business model? or when your new product doesn’t match what you are now selling… unfortunately this happened with Almond Estates – Formerly Putright Properties.

What started out as a company what would come and do snagging on jobs, to put them right, had evolved into a business that was building the homes to begin with, but not just your normal homes – homes with a wow factor!

Aimed at high net-worth individuals Almond Estates needed their branding to match the quality of their buildings and move them into the next stage of a high-end property developers journey.

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