Award Winning Brand Design

What is a Brand Identity?

Are you unsure about the meaning of “branding” don’t worry! This is why we are here!

A brand is an identity, it has personality, culture, vision and intelligence.  This is how your clients identify you and identify with you. Yes, it includes a logo but it’s also so much more.  

Your brand captures the whole feel and look of your company and speaks volumes about who you are, therefore getting it right is really important.

Branding forms every part of your business, from the tone of voice of your copy to the style of photo that you use in any form of media.
We have created award-winning brands and brand guidelines for a huge range of fantastic clients including those from hospitality and leisure, retail, health and beauty, manufacturing, legal and professional services, Charities and public sectors.
We would love to chat to you about your brand identity, where we can start to build your brand based on your goals and business objectives. See our recent work on our case studies page, or get in touch to have a chat!

Recent branding work

Take a look below at some recent examples at our branding work

Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidance Booklet is the finishing touch.  Once your work with us is complete this booklet will be yours to keep and will ensure that your brand is long lasting and transferrable through all forms of media.

The Process

Business Questionnaire

Through the use of carefully selected questions this first stage of the process helps us to understand the needs of your business and what you require from your branding.

Branding Inspiration

By looking at this digital booklet of brands we can ascertain the types of design, colour and theme you prefer.  This can also be really useful in helping to decide what design aspects you do, and don’t, want to include.

Initial Ideas

At this stage of the process we send you three to five potential ideas for your brand.  This will be your logo and any pattern that goes with it, also some examples of how the brand would work when featured on merchandise related to your business e.g. business cards, diaries, notebooks etc

Seconds Review

We listen carefully to your feedback and, at this stage produce either a new brand idea, or an adaptation of the initial idea based on your comments.

Final Draft

The final draft of your new brand.

Brand Package

This is the exciting stage when you receive all the relevant files that you need to make your brand a reality.

Brand Guidelines

On completion of the process you will be given a digital Brand Guideline Booklet, this will ensure that your brand is long-lasting and transferrable through all forms of media.