A unique brand system
for a unique wall

Unique walls had a unique vision, and that was to produce wall murals of ANY size in one piece. This created a great opportunity for us to create something a little different. A brand that is responsive like a website but that would work over all the different sizes that they can produce.

How do you brand something that can be a business card size to a truck?!

We love a good challenge, and this was one we created ourselves. Due to the nature of the product, they sell we wanted to do something a little different – we wanted to create a design system that could span over multiple sizes but still be able to be recognisable as the same branding.

The main feature of Unique Walls is how they can print on any size, from the smallest of areas in a house to a full-sized commercial unit but showing that in one icon is not easy to do!

We came up with the arrow idea early on but kept it linked to the logotype by having to be always fixed in the bottom left corner. This meant that as the arrows could move, the logotype stays in the correct position creating the consistency needed for branding.

We kept the colour solid as we wanted to use the fabulous catalogue of images that Unique Walls had collated to grab the attention of customers.


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