Branding and signage for mental health wellbeing event

We had the privilege of collaborating with ‘It’s Mental’ to inaugurate their inaugural live event. This milestone marked the largest gathering of its kind, with over 2000 attendees gathering to gain insights on achieving and maintaining a healthy mental well-being.

Print design for It's Mental Live
Banner design for It's Mental Live
Banner design for It's Mental Live

Effective signage design to move people around the venue

One of the primary challenges encountered during the mental wellbeing event was facilitating the movement of attendees across the three floors of the venue. To address this logistical concern, we implemented a combination of signage, color-coding, and waypoint marking as our primary solutions. Our approach involved using distinctive colors on banners and signs, which corresponded to the map provided to all attendees upon their arrival at the venue.

We are pleased to report that this strategy proved highly effective in managing the smooth flow of over 2000 attendees throughout the course of a single day. Encouraged by this success, we are now excited to announce our plans for a two-day event next year, building upon the positive outcomes and valuable experiences gained during this event.

Banner prints for It's Mental Live
Leaflet design for It's Mental Live


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