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R&D Tax Credits can help you to receive tax back from the government which will help you to improve your business. Dan from R&D Tax Credits felt like his old branding was a bit dated and wanted the business to feel like a young vibrant company like they are.

Liverpool based research and development branding

Branding any business can be difficult, R&D Tax Credits by their admission do not do a “sexy” job, but we wanted them to feel proud of their brand.

We started by getting inside their heads, We would’ve loved for this to be in the form of a face-to-face meeting but back in Covid times we had to make do and mend with a zoom call instead.

We found out what style of logo they wanted, as we wanted them to love what they have we need to know what they like! This we find is a great way of getting around the people who don’t really have an opinion.

Once we had an idea of what they wanted we could set out with coming up with some ideas based on the style of logo that they had highlighted.

I got in touch with Pixelmate and let them know the situation and within a week Pixelmate had devised 3 different logo and colours schemes for review. Once we had a proper brand identity, all focus was moved onto the website which was built quickly. I am absolutely elated with the quality of the site, and it really feels like next step in moving from start-up to a real business.

Dan Davey, R&D Tax Credits


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