helping two businesses to form a partnership with their branding

Misha Wallis & Co needed a new brand to help with their joint merger, Their previous branding wasn’t hitting the right notes for them and they wanted to feel like the higher-end professionals that they are.

Creating a logotype for a word heavy brand

Not all logos need icons, this was the case for Misha Wallis & Co we decided early on that we didn’t want an icon for this brand. A logotype was the perfect way to execute the style they needed.

To do this and make it unique, we create custom letter forms and styling to make sure that no one can just repeat the logo using a simple font.

For Misha Wallis and Co we decided that we could use the loop of the & to join the latter two words and create a unique section of the logo that we haven’t seen before and adds to the bespoke feel.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and has always listened and understood what we require. Their work is magic as they transform a simple idea or thought into a working and impressive brand by putting their heart and soul into each project.

Glenn Wallis, Misha Wallis & Co


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