Website launch for accounting consultants.

Proffix approached us for a website overhaul, a decision prompted by a glowing recommendation from a former client, which is always gratifying. Their requirements included both an expansion of their existing website and an essential update due to the user-unfriendly nature of their current setup.

a bland boring and dull industry!

Let’s be honest, the accounting industry isn’t typically associated with excitement, which can pose a challenge when searching for accountants. Many accounting websites tend to follow a similar, uninspiring pattern, making it difficult for firms to stand out amidst a sea of blue and white designs.

However, instead of conforming to the conventional, we made a deliberate choice to break away from the norm. Our goal was to create a distinctive online presence that would capture attention and distinguish Proffix from the rest. Fortunately, the Proffix team, who aren’t your run-of-the-mill accountants, embraced our unconventional approach—even when we introduced bold purple and pink colors to their brand.


We’ve been working hard from our studio in Warrington, take a look at some of our most recent branding, logo and website projects.

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